Children can attend:

Morning session: 9am to 12pm
Morning session with lunch hour: 9am to 1pm
Morning session with afternoon session: 9am to 3.30pm
Morning session with after school club session: 9am to 6pm


Morning Sessions (9am to 12pm)

5 morning sessions per week: £3,695 per term
Lunch Hour Sessions (12pm to 1pm)

1 lunch hour session per week: £265 per term 
Afternoon Sessions (12pm to 3.30pm)  

1 afternoon session per week: £615 per term
After School Club Sessions (12pm to 6pm)
1 after school club session per week: £930 per term

Ad Hoc Sessions

1 lunch hour session: £40
1 afternoon session: £75
1 after school club session: £115

Holiday Club 

We offer a Holiday Club during every school holiday. The hours are 9am – 3pm and the cost is £100 per day with lunch included.

Please note that all the prices above are subject to review once per year, which usually takes place in August. No discounts can be given for missed days due to bank holidays or absence.

Minimum Funding Entitlement (15 Hours)

We offer the 15 hours Minimum Funding Entitlement (MFE), previously known as the Nursery Education Grant (NEG), to all three and four year olds at the nursery. Children qualify the term after they turn three. The amount currently stands at between £1,000 and £1,500 per term.
Vouchers - We accept childcare vouchers from all providers and also participate in the tax-free childcare system.
International Admissions - Please contact our Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Ofsted and our parents say…

  • Staff are exceptionally good role models to the children, not only offering them praise and encouragement, but also encouraging them to support each other.
    OFSTED Quote
  • You really have a great kindergarten and I am so happy I chose this one!
    Parent Quote
  • Teaching is of a high quality and staff provide well-planned, stimulating activities that promote children's development.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Thank you so much for everything during the past five years. My three boys have loved your kindergarten and their teachers very much.
    Parent Quote
  • I have told you all many times how much I adore the school. I couldn’t have hoped for a better kindergarten for my child’s first experience of school life.
    Parent Quote
  • We deeply appreciate your kindness and admire your patience, knowledge and expertise.
    Parent Quote
  • Children thrive and make excellent progress in their learning and development, due to the highly effective support of the skillful and committed staff.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Staff take time to carefully find out about children’s personalities and interests, which they reflect in very well-planned activities.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Staff develop highly effective partnerships with parents.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Clarissa loved coming to the nursery every day and my husband and I were very touched by the lovely atmosphere you all created. You make school fun!
    Parent Quote
  • Staff manage children's behaviour highly effectively and children behave very positively.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Harry could not have had a better start to his schooling life.
    Parent Quote
  • Children access a broad range of high quality resources that encourage [them] to engage in activities that promote all areas of learning and development and promote their future skills extremely well.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Parents comment on how highly effective the school is in meeting their children’s needs.
    OFSTED Quote
  • You have a great school. I am so happy that my daughter started her journey at The Knightsbridge Kindergarten and hope that her future school will be able to measure up to it!
    Parent Quote
  • Staff have a thorough understanding of each child’s learning and welfare needs, and value them as unique individuals.
    OFSTED Quote
  • Children are very well mannered, highly confident and very motivated to learn.
    OFSTED Quote
  • The team you have built is fantastic and Leo thoroughly enjoyed his time at nursery.
    Parent Quote
  • I would like to thank you with all my heart for the wonderful work you all do at The Knightsbridge Kindergarten.
    Parent Quote
  • Alex has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the kindergarten – it has been a fantastic experience for him and we will be sad to leave such a happy and positive environment.
    Parent Quote
  • Children's progress is promoted well by high-quality teaching and thoughtful planning of activities.
    OFSTED Quote

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